Vaping and Coronavirus

Vaping and Coronavirus (COVID-19): Is There a Connection?

Vaping and Coronavirus:

Teens and vaping — a troubling combination that’s been in the headlines a lot lately. Add a public health crisis to the equation and this combination has the potential to become even worse.
Recent numbers from the American Lung Association show that the number of teens using electronic cigarettes increased by 80%,

between 2018 and 2019. It’s not hard to understand why. With the perception that vaping is safer than smoking, vape juice flavors that are enticing to younger users and devices that make it easier to hide their habit, it’s apparent why vaping has become more appealing to teens.): Is There a Connection?

What does vaping have to do with coronavirus (COVID-19)?

As with cigarette smoking, vaping can also compromise the respiratory system. This means that people who smoke or vape are more susceptible to lung infections. According to our health experts recent studies have shown that aldehydes and other components found in vaping liquids can impair the immune function of cells found in the airway and lungs.

“Everything that we inhale goes straight into the airways and into the lungs, which is different from our heart, our liver and our kidneys that are protected. But the lungs are exposed to the environment, so the lungs and the airways do have a defense mechanism against that. What vaping is doing is impairing this defense mechanism for the lungs,” says our health experts

The ingredients in vaping liquids, especially in flavored electronic cigarettes, can affect cell function in the airways and suppress the lungs’ ability to fight infection. “This increases the chances of having a respiratory infection which is extremely important to keep in mind, especially now when we are still facing flu season — and now that we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic,


According to our 420vapesale people who vape should avoid smoking beside asthmatic patients and COPD patients as this might cause them respiratory track infection and lungs damage making them more susceptible to contracting the covid-19 pandemic,so we urge all our customers in this period of unfortunacy of the pandemic to consume our products with caution.This is a message from our 420vapeale health experts #your health is our priority#

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