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Drip Extracts Information

Drip Extracts Vape Carts offer the best type of cerebral and physical mojo you need right now. These carts bring psychoactive effects the likes of which you haven’t tried before. They’re the closest thing to Full-Spectrum carts you’ll get, and their flavour is close to perfection, as well. With a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes, every Vape Cart from Drip Extracts is fresh, intense, and scrumptious. It’s like smoking the actual strain, only with a vaporizer!

These carts are filled with pure-quality cannabis oil extracted from a variety of strains. You can choose any strain depending on your preference: Durban Poison, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, Pink Kush, Grand Daddy Purple, and Quantum Kush. Some are Indica-dominant, others are Sativa-dominant, while others are purebred strains with a perfect profile. Drip Extracts Vape Carts are purer and more potent than anything you’ve tried before, simple as that.


  • 1ml worth of cannabis oil per cart
  • Pure-quality THC
  • Comes in 7 strains
  • Fresh and intense flavour
  • Great psychoactive and therapeutic benefits

Drip Extracts Vape Carts

The carts themselves are made with cutting-edge extraction technologies that creates a one-of-a-kind cannabis oil. It contains most of the plant’s profile, cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, for an unmatched flavour, aroma, and effects. It doesn’t get better than this, even with High Voltage Carts or Pegasus Carts. Those carts may be good, but Drip Extracts products are even better. It’s an exclusive cart that requires numerous resources and best-quality buds that have no effect.

In terms of effects, one Vape Cart from Drip Extracts sends shivers down your spine with its cerebral and physical benefits. When your don’t feel overly enthusiastic and euphoric, the physical sedation overtakes your barriers and puts you to sleep. Be ready to experience introspection, endless laughter, euphoria, relaxation, and the best time of your life! Only with Drip Extracts Vape Carts, so don’t hesitate to get them. Greenz members will appreciate their potency and flavour to the full.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck – Sativa Dominant

Known as ATF, this strain brings a super juicy grape and citric-infused flavour to the table of the grown-ups. Besides, there’s a sweet aroma of pine, with a dose of spicy earthiness to accompany you on the exhale. Alaskan Thunder Fuck will hit your brain like a sledgehammer, with its 16-23% THC concentration and 70% Sativa profile. Its effects are mainly energizing and euphoric, with a bit of relaxation that treats PTSD, stress, chronic pains, depression, loss of appetite, fatigue, and headaches.

Pink Kush – Indica Dominant

A perfect treatment for migraines, mood swings, chronic pains, insomnia, and inflammation, Pink Kush offers a THC concentration of 15-20%, and a 90% Indica profile. It’s no surprise that its effects are sleepy and relaxing for the most part, with an initial dose of euphoria and energy running through your brain. The candy-like sweet aroma brings a dose of fruity berries and aromatic vanilla to your taste buds. A floral and earthy aroma comes on the exhale, improving the taste even further!

Grand Daddy Purple – Indica Dominant

 Yet another Indica-dominant strain that’s dead-set on relaxing and sedating your body, Grand Daddy Purple will overwhelm your senses with its 17-27% THC concentration. The cerebral euphoria in the beginning combines perfectly with the tranquil sedation coming toward the peak of the high. Moreover, this strain is relatively simple in terms of flavour – sweet berries, pungent grapes, and a fine aroma of pine. Nothing more and nothing less, and all of it is leading to an impressive nose with ample deliciousness that you’ll enjoy for the next few hours.

Girl Scout Cookies – Indica Dominant

 GSC or Girl Scout Cookies is a 60% Indica strain that’s become a staple in the cannabis industry. It’s the most popular and tastiest strain out there. Also among the strongest, as well, with its 25-28% THC concentration. With a long-standing high that smells of sweet vanilla and nutty pungency, with an earthy aroma, Girl Scout Cookies is simply fantastic. The minty, lemon, and cherry-infused flavours are delicious, to say the least. And this strain can also treat loss of appetite, migraines, depression, anxiety, and chronic pains.

Quantum Kush – Sativa Dominant

 A 75% Sativa strain with 25-27% THC concentration, Quantum Kush offers an energizing and euphoric high. It gets better, since Quantum Kush will push your introspective predilections to their peak, a profound contemplative drive that will last for a few hours. With its sweet and citric aroma and tropical-woody flavours, Quantum Kush tastes just great. And the exhale brings some earthiness, with a skunky and pungent citric sweetness. It can treat Crohn’s Disease, depression, inflammation, loss of appetite, and PMS, as well as anxiety, mood swings, and chronic pains.

Blue Dream – Sativa Dominant

 This strain is nearly balanced, with only 60% Sativa dominance. Still, its THC concentration is 17-24% and its CBD is 2%, which leads to ample therapeutic benefits. It’s good for inflammation, PMS, PTSD, depression, chronic pains, autism, bipolar disorder, and headaches. Once you taste Blue Dream, you’ll feel a combination of blueberries and herbal aromas that bring together a vanilla-sweet flavour. On the exhale, you’ll feel an earthy aroma that never gets old no matter what. You’ll be smoking this strain for quite some time!

Durban Poison – Pure Sativa

The only pure strain on this list, Durban Poison is super-potent. And that’s putting it mildly. This strain packs 22-24% THC concentration, and it’s a favourite of cannabis medical patients and stoners from all around the world. It has creative, energizing, and euphoric effects that’ll leave your mind flooded in happiness and motivation. Moreover, it can also treat depression, ADHD, migraines, anxiety, lack of appetite, stress, nausea, and bipolar disorder. Last but not least, its citrus flavour, with dashes of pine and earthiness, has a sweet overall taste, with a spicy pungency coming toward the end.